Pricing should be the last question asked, but it is always the first, so let’s get it out of the way.  I take into consideration the amount of time necessary to provide a comprehensive inspection and deliver a meaningful inspection report.  The report is typically 25-35 pages and full of photos of your house – most importantly, delivered the same day!  Rates begin at $350 for single-family homes.  We continuously monitor our competitors and try to offer the best value at a very competitive rate.  We will match a competitor’s price as long as they are certified and insured.  

Now that price is out of the way, please take time to compare our qualifications and services, and you will see that ESI Property Inspection is the home inspection authority.


We have put togeather some typical packages as well as A La Carte options at the bottom:


Standard Home Inspection

-Home Inspection up to 3500sf.  This is a 450 point visual home inspection which includes - all mechanical components of the house (plumbing, electrical, heat & air), structural, foundation, roofing (I actually get on every roof I safely can, many inspectors don't), siding and everything in between.  Like the name says - Every Square Inch - any part of the house I can gain visual access, I inspect per the Standards of Practice of the Tennessee Licensing Board.  Report with photos, is always delivered the same day.



Home Inspection with Radon Monitoring

-Home Inspection up to 3500sf. 

-Radon Monitoring (w/ electronic testing equipment).



Technically Exhaustive Home Inspection

This type of inspection takes considerably more time & effort and is preformed by an entire group of professionals.  Every Square Inch Property Inspection will coordinate with licensed professionals attending the inspection including Electrician, HVAC, Plumber, Structural Engineer, Chimney, Roofer, Air Quality (mold), Termite, Radon, and Thermal Imaging.  This group along with two inspectors from our company will spend the better part of a day going through the property.  All disciplines will submit a written report.  This inspection goes well beyond the typical standards of practice for the home inspection industry.  The typical home inspection is considered a visual home inspection. An inspection is technically exhaustive when it involves the extensive use of measurements, instruments, testing, calculations, opening of equipment and other means to develop scientific or engineering findings, conclusions, and recommendations.Please schedule this inspection as far in advance as possible.

The fee is $2900 for a home under 10,000sf


Service Options:

Single family home inspection from 1 to 3500 sf $350

Single family home inspection 3500 sf and up $0.10/sf

Condominium inspection from 1 to 1500 sf $250

Duplex inspection from 1 to 1500sf $450

Four-Plex inspection from 1 to 3000 sf $700


A La Carte Home Inspection Services

Radon Monitoring $150

Carbon Monoxide Testing (test furnace and water heater) $50

Combustible Gas Leak Check $50

Thermal Imaging (interior walls) $150

Re-Inspection at Closing $100


What I don’t charge extra for:

Crawlspace Inspection

Older Homes

Detached Garage

Additional heat & air units


Payment by:

Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard American Express and Discover Card